The direction of education
determines the future.

The direction of education
determines the future.

We offer solution & consulting
for the best educational decision

Environment Analysis & Policy Consulting
Student Career Path
Data Management Service for Schools & Academies
Meta Counseling & Management Service for Students
Educational Environment Analysis & Policy Consulting
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We offer solution &
consulting convergence
for the best educational decision

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    Metacognition consulting Learning recommendation Educational analysis report

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    Educational data dashboard Optimized analysis tool Clustering & modeling

Data Driven Integrates
data-driven business specializing in education field


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  • - Maximize value chain
    - Optimize data collection
    - Minimize Development cost
  • Consulting Business

    - Data-driven consulting
    - Education contents recommendation

  • Solution Business

    - Students' career path Modeling
    - School activity Recommendation

  • Analysis Business

    - Education enviroment Analysis
    - Education policy consulting

Company Competence

We research and develop data technologies that can truly deliver value to our customers.

  • ico_Cluster Modeling

    Cluster Modeling

    We are building optimized cluster models based on Machine-learning. In 2015, we analyzed clustering based on the vast amount of learning experience of 1,000 students at Seoul National University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    We are focused on showing our data to our customers. In 2017, we visualized the educational environment in various ways, such as heat maps, in the Yongin City Educational Environment Analysis Project, and laid the groundwork for policy proposals.

  • Matching Algorithm

    Matching Algorithm

    We have developed a recommendation algorithm that is specialized in education. We have registered patents on recommendation algorithms. The algorithm we have developed has been utilized in large online teaching enterprise projects.



We rush towards our goals like a beast. We focus only on results that are defined as customer satisfaction.
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Partners & Advisers

We work with experts to achieve our goals more effectively. Our partners provide experience and wisdom in their fields. If you have expertise and are interested in our business, contact us.

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